100 Doors Runaway Level 21 – 30 Walkthrough

Gipnetix Games hints for floor escape game : 100 doors runaway solutions for level 21 – 30 answers, find the cheats to figure out how to solve for each puzzle clue so you can open the door and pass the following level easily
On some stage you must do the action of pinch, poke, shake, tilt, swipe the on-screen images, to find a way to solve the puzzles.


100 Doors Runaway Level 21 to 30 walkthrough :

100 doors runaway level 21 walkthrough
set the items on the right position :
oven is lower
tv is middle
weight is upper

100 doors runaway level 22 walkthrough
drag the box to the middle of the room
hold the crane to fill up the room by the water

100 doors runaway level 23 walkthrough
tap the gears on the bottom right to get 3 gear inside inventory
start placing them on the spot one by one
each gear has to spin in the opposite direction than its neighbor
continue until all the spots filled in

100 doors runaway level 24 walkthrough
tilt your phone to the left side
take the ball and break the window
take the window parts and set them to the door

100 doors runaway level 25 walkthrough
follow the arrow and slide over the door to make them disappear

100 doors runaway level 26 walkthrough
you have to calculate how many legs each creature has
the code is : 24280


100 doors runaway level 27 walkthrough
arrange the circles and put them to the right places
look at the circles inside, you must put the small number at the bottom and high number on top

100 doors runaway level 28 walkthrough
everytime we have different terms of puzzle
you have to write the word : PASSWORD
click the words in the right order :
P – A – S – S – W – O – R – D

100 doors runaway level 29 walkthrough
you have to press red button using the blue balls
tilt your phone to move the balls
the order :
1. 2 bottom buttons
2. 2 top button
3. 1 top left
4. 1 bottom right


100 doors runaway level 30 walkthrough
click on the cogwheel many times to make it spin fast
then drag the cogwheel to break all the spears
press the green button to open the doors

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