100 Floors Annex Level 61 62 63 64 65 Walkthrough

Answers for 100 Floors Annex Level 61 62 63 64 65 Walkthrough of christmas theme guide how to solve all the challenging puzzles niveau on the 100 floors annex and escape each floor rooms using the cheat solution below
100 Floors – Can You Escape? app game by Tobi Apps on iphone and android


100 floors annex level 61 walkthrough
code = xyz
with rules :
x + y + z = 100
y = x x x
count how many X on this room : 6
do the math and you can enter 6 36 58

100 floors annex level 62 walkthrough
the numbers means how many square you need to fill in on the board
here’s the answer :
o x x x o
o x x x x
x x x o o
x o o o x
x o o o o

100 floors annex level 63 walkthrough
tap the East direction based on the E position from top to bottom
down up
down right left
right left up right
left up left down
up right down right left

100 floors annex level 64 walkthrough
get the bullets on floor and weapon on left side
use the weapon to target the middle hole
fill in 11 balls to the middle

100 floors annex level 65 walkthrough
use the metal detector to find the key position, it’s on the top left brick wall


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