100 Hell 3D Chambers of Devil Floor 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough

Cheat for 100 Hell 3D Chambers of Devil Floor 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough to escape from the 100 floors of devil’s chambers in 100 hell 3d. Interact with items and solve the puzzle in full 3D world. Make good use of the holy sword and kill the devil ! Can you even find the door ?
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100 Hell 3D Floor 11 Walkthrough
look at the pointer on bathtub
you need to make all pointer into green area
tap these valve :
red 3x
blue and green 1x

100 Hell 3D Floor 12 Walkthrough
turn on all 4 lamps on this room
use knife to kill the devil on last lamp

100 Hell 3D Floor 13 Walkthrough
get the puzzle piece on the table
tap the puzzle picture and connect the picture then add the missing piece
notice there’s a bird on top left
now look on the other picture and tap the top left side to get bottle
use the bottle on demon and kill it with knife

100 Hell 3D Floor 14 Walkthrough
wait until the countdown reaches 0
tap the “x” close button and kill the demon with knife

100 Hell 3D Floor 15 Walkthrough
look at the safe, there are 3 colors as hint
count how many corner for the shape on door :
red = 8
blue = 3
green = 7
another clue : 5
open door with pentagon shape
kill the devil with knife and main door will open


Take the challenge from hell! Solve the puzzles of the chambers and kill the Devil! Can you escape from the 100 floors of the Chambers of Devil, in full dynamic 3D!? more chambers are coming soon.
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