100 Locked Doors Level 76 77 78 79 80 Walkthrough

Guide for 100 Locked Doors Level 76 77 78 79 80 Walkthrough to escape the room and continue for next floor by solving the puzzle niveau
100 Locked Doors by Protey Apps on iphone / android device


100 locked doors level 76 walkthrough
get a crowbar on left, use it to flip the locker door from the body for an ammo and open the left locker door to get a gun
use the gun to the door, now fill the gun with ammo and tap the door to shoot it

100 locked doors level 77 walkthrough
get the crowbar and open the box, obtain a cutter inside
use the cutting tool to open the left locker for a key
use the key on the door and move the tractor to the left
select the crowbar and tap the door open

100 locked doors level 78 walkthrough
shake your phone to make the cabinet drop
move the cabinet to the right for syringe
use the needle on the hand and pick up a key
select the key and use it to open the door

100 locked doors level 79 walkthrough
open the left box and get a pipe
drag the black bottle to the table and put the pipe on the bottle
drag the colored bottle to the water bottle with the correct order like the hint under statue
the black bottle will explode and open the door

100 locked doors level 80 walkthrough
get the knife and shovel to inventory
use the shovel on the left ground for a book
put the book on the right side
use the knife to cut the hand and the door will open


100 locked doors video cheats guide nivel 76 77 78 79 80 :

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