Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Cheats of Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins Chapter 3 Walkthrough – an ancient treasure is stolen from your grasp by Larissa ! explore the secrets of a lost civilization with help from Professor Burns, Rachel, Tawa and Peter ! search for clues and solve challenging puzzles !
Room Escape game answer Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins – Mystery Story by Haiku Games


video guide adventure escape hidden ruins chapter 3 walkthrough :

adventure escape hidden ruins chapter 3 solutions
1. fragments puzzle
find 12 fragments to get clue for each animal items :
ox = lung
hawk = heart
snake = eye
crocodile = brain

2. gear puzzle :
find 3 gear pieces then place it on the puzzle
outer to inner dots for top side = 1 2 4 5

3. jar puzzle
move these jars first :
snake to middle – bird to left
then move the bird in counter clockwise
snake to left corner
crocodile to middle
now move the jars like the fragment clue position
the final position should be like this :
crocodile – ox
snake – hawk

4. checkered piece
find 5 checkerd piece and rearrange them like the chessboard
then press these x position like the floor clue :
x o o o x o
o o x o o o
o x o o o x
x o o x o x
o o x o x o

5. computer chips puzzle
connect the chips to the circuit board
you can rotate each chips by pressing it
find the correct computer chips answer on video


Uncover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins! Can you find the long long treasure of the Kumari civilization?
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