Can You Escape 3 Level 15 Walkthrough

Cheats for Can You Escape 3 Level 15 Walkthrough how to pass each puzzle room stage by collecting and combine items, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the residence room and reach new stage !
Can You Escape 3 Game by Mobigrow on iphone and android device


can you escape 3 niveau 15 solution
tap right table and get a 1st part of circle
open the red box and get the lens
take telescope part on left shelf and connect it into the telescope then add the lens
look from telescope for star positions

tap left star board and press :
x x o x o
o o x o o
o x o x x
get 2nd part of circle
combine both circle part

open right cabinet and insert the circle then connect the correct planet symbols
get the lens and test tube

place the lens into the telescope and look at the star position
now press the left star board :
o o x o x
x o x x o
o x o x x
get 2 paper film

tap right chemical device and put the test tube
change the color into red + blue and get the test tube
combine paper + test tube then place the paper on microscope
connect the lines and take the paper back to inventory

place the paper film into the telescope then add the last paper
look from telescope and memorize the star shape
use the shape into the box on left table
solve the puzzle and get the key, change the keyhole triangle
use the key to open door and escape

can you escape 3 nivel 15 video guide :

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