Can You Escape Horror Level 10 Walkthrough

Answer for can you escape horror level 10 walkthrough – How to solve the puzzle logic on horror room theme using some hidden objects, and discover different codes so you can find out the key to escape for next stage.
Can You Escape Horror by TMTMOBIL on iphone / android device


can you escape horror niveau 10 solution
get a hammer on floor, screwdriver inside cabinet drawer
get a blue cube inside the box under the bed

tap the photo and unscrew with screwdriver to get the picture
tap the wall with crack, use the hammer to break it
use the cube on the hole get necklace

look at the left wall there are some circle with numbers :
32 + 13 = 45 ?
open the right cabinet drawer and enter 9 – 5 (not 45 ?) get a key
use the key on the monkey toy, get another picture
place both picture inside necklace

find some numbers on this room :
2 yellow on right
5 red under the bear
4 green inside drawer
8 blue on left

change the door code into 8452 and place the necklace
back and you’ll have the door open

can you escape horror nivel 10 video guide :


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