Can You Escape Tower 2 Level 12 Walkthrough

Hint for Can You Escape Tower 2 Level 12 Walkthrough – Find all 15 purple dragon gem on each stage to unlock secret room and solve puzzle logic & riddle code to escape all the tower room !
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Can You Escape Tower 2 Stage 12 Cheats
get a dirty feather on right bookshelf and get a bowl from the candles
put the bowl on right floor side where you can see water
then place the feather to clean it
tap left statue and put the feather to get the scroll
you can see a music sheet, place it on left piano
find the position of G E C A – H F D B using the book on right bookshelf

here’s the piano key that you need to press :
5 2 1 4 7 3
get the key and use it to open the chest box
obtain glass pieces and matches box inside

tap the circle on middle and connect the pieces
get a match stick and combine it with box
look at the yellow color as clue from the glasses for the candles
you need to lit all inner circle and the + for outer circle
a secret door will open and you can escape
proceed to can you escape tower stage 13


step by step can you escape tower 2 level 12 video guide

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