Escape Action Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough

Candy Mobile Android game cheats : Escape Action Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough to solve all the challenging puzzles niveau and escape the rooms so you can earn coins for hints.
How to Play Escape Action :
- Tap, Tilt, Shake and Rotate you cell phone to solve the puzzles
- You can also pick up hidden items in the room and use them to find out a solution


If you have any question with the puzzle logic, just ask below.. we will try our best to find out the reason why on each nivel ?

escape action level 81 walkthrough
shake your device to get a fragment, press the fragment in the toolbar and tap the frame on wall
pick up the wrench and tap in the toolbar
whirl your finger around the screws to unscrew them all
rotate the doorplate to show the correct number : 81

escape action level 82 walkthrough
rhino = 3 on the blackboard is the hint, you should tap the rhino 3x to reset the position of the wood plates
kg on the blackboard is the hint, you should place the animals in the order of weight
tap the animals in this order : bird, snake, kangaro, elephant

escape action level 83 walkthrough
tap switch on the wall to play the piano, reverse is the hint
remember the melody and tap the key in reverse order :
3 5 2 6 4 1

escape action level 84 walkthrough
pick up the clamp under the cabinet, press the clamp in the toolbar and tap the chain to destroy it
G on the door is the hint, G means green
tap grids on the door to turn them all green
Pick up the sponge and press it in the toolbar, tap the water in the bucket and pick up the key
select the key and tap the chest on floor, pick up the switch and tap the switch

escape action level 85 walkthrough
challenge door to press and hold each fire, to put out all the fires

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