Escape Challenge Level 5 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game help : escape challenge level 5 walkthrough
a room with a lever on floor
wood cabinet on left corner
skull and yellow pyramid on right side


escape challenge level 5 solution :
click the box on left corner, with a hint :
= 4987

find out the value for each letters, here’s the answers :
3641 +
= 4987
get an egg inside the box

click the curtain on wall, fix the picture and get another egg
remember the pattern : 3 lines and 1 O

click the skull on right and change the eyes like the pattern
get a triangle key from the mouth
use the key on pyramid and get the egg


look at the floor
place all 3 eggs on the spot and pull the lever
get the door key and open the door

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  • Lutzo

    I’ve been cracking my head open about this DUVO+UOVD puzzle. Glad that there’s a solution. What’s disappointing me about my search for a way to solve it, though, is that I don’t understand the logic behind the value of the letters. According to this, the value of D is 1…but D is the fourth letter of the alphabet. Why does U=3?
    I don’t mean to put anyone on the hot seat here, but could you please explain how to arrive at those values for the letters?


  • Rethney

    Could you expland about DUVO+UOVD.I don’t understand,why the answer is 1346+3641.