Escape Challenge Level 8 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game help : escape challenge level 8 walkthrough
a tesla coil in the middle
2 cabinets on left and right
on each corner there’re 4 mold stone with electric pole


escape challenge level 8 solution :
solve each cabinet drawer to get a stone that match the mold :
left cabinet
top drawer :
complete the puzzle by pressing the circle, it’s an image of a lightning bolt
use the middle circle for the guide
open and get a yellow star shape

bottom drawer :
5 different shape with * that you can change into numbers
count how many side each shape have ?
the answer is : 3 – 2 – 1 – 5 – 4
open and get a blue oval shape

right cabinet
top drawer :
even though the symbol is looks like an arabic words, but if you tilt the screen to the left you can see numbers on each shape
change the **** into : 5483
open and get a red mickey mouse shape

bottom drawer :
135 180 45 with 3 circle with 1 hand pointer
it’s a degree that you must have for each circle
change the degree into :
135 = 3x click
180 = 4x click
45 = 1x click
open and get a green bolt shape


match the shape for each mold then press the tesla coil
tap the top part of tesla coil and get a key
open the door with the orange key

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