Escape the Prison 2 Revenge Level 5 Walkthrough

Solutions for Escape the Prison 2 Revenge Level 5 Walkthrough to guide you how to pass each prison room and solve the puzzle challenge ! find items to break the code and reach new door stage..
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Escape the Prison 2 Revenge Nivel 5 Video Cheats Guide :

escape the prison 2 revenge niveau 5 solution :
go to right side and look at the floor to get a lighter by moving the stick
go to left side and tap the bottom right area
use the lighter on the pipe to reveal the codes from heat : F H C O

tap the left panel and enter the letters for clue
2Mo x 4Sa + 5Fr
look at the calendar on right side to get the answer
tap the right panel on the left side and enter 121
go back to open the panel and get a hat + paper code

look at the pipe on middle hole : WZN with dots
you need to follow the dots position for order hints


go to right side and look at the panel
press on these buttons on left side :
up – down – up down – up 2x – down 2x – up – down – up
now you should see 4 zero numbers
look at the paper from inventory :
9 > A > C
2 < B < D C - D = 3 D < 5 enter 8 3 7 4 for A B C D and go back get 4 items inside then move to the middle hole all items will gather together and you'll be able to move forward and escape ! In this all new sequel, try to break out not only from your jail room, but out of the penitentiary. Solve the mini puzzles and discover the hidden objects to use them to open the room and go to the next level. Back to escape the prison 2 revenge list

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