Escape the Room Zombies Level 4 Walkthrough

Cheats for Escape the Room Zombies Level 4 Walkthrough to help you solve the horror room theme and find your way out by entering some code numbers to get item tools that you can use to escape this niveau.
Escape the Room Zombies by Pedro Chang on android and iphone device


escape the room zombies level 4
tap the zombie on bed and get drawer handle underneath her
put the handle on the right table drawer and get a screwdriver
turn on the lamp to reveal number 4 on wall
turn on the left TV for number 5, look at the color order of the glass under TV
move the top bookshelf for number 1
and there’s a number 3 above the door
remember each color numbers, now tap on the right lamp and then tap the vent


use the screwdriver to open all 4 screws and tap the code to enter :
color : brown – blue – red – orange
numbers : 3 – 1 – 5 – 4
get the key inside
pick up a door handle on right table, place it on the door and use the key to unlock the door open and escape

escape the room zombies nivel 4 video cheats guide :


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