Escape the Room Zombies Level 6 Walkthrough

Answers for Escape the Room Zombies Level 6 Walkthrough to help you solve the horror room theme and find your way out by entering some code numbers to get item tools that you can use to escape this niveau.
Escape the Room Zombies by Pedro Chang on android and iphone device


escape the room zombies level 6
get a gear on right couch
tap the left horse picture and connect the numbers : 8351
go to the other room and tap the right cabinet to enter the code numbers, get the handle
get a gear on left cabinet and stick on right side
tap the middle curtain to move inside, now you need to tap all the dots on this room to get hint for the circle on first room


back to the first room, using the clue that you got from the circle tap on the bottom right cabinet and change the letters into :
start from top and clockwise A G D F H B E C
get a magnet inside and combine it with the stick

use the handle on the left wood panel wall, open it to get a lighter
go the the 2nd room and light the candle, remember the blink on each candle colors
back to the 1st room and tap the right drawer under the horse picture
enter : 3265 and get the last gear

tap on the left panel wall and insert all 3 gear inside
go to the door and use the magnet + stick to reach the crowbar
use the crowbar to remove the wood planks on door and open it

escape the room zombies nivel 6 video cheats guide :


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