Escape the Room Zombies Level 7 Walkthrough

Answer for Escape the Room Zombies Level 7 Walkthrough to help you solve the horror room theme and find your way out by entering some code numbers to get item tools that you can use to escape this niveau.
Escape the Room Zombies by Pedro Chang on android and iphone device


escape the room zombies level 7
find the hint for circle behind the items all over the room, then move to the other room
tap the right cabinet, enter these colors :
half circle = green
top : blue
left : yellow
right : red
go back and open the bottom right cabinet door to get a gear

tap the left cabinet
change the circle into :
middle : yellow circle
red circle : top right quarter
blue circle : top half
green circle : left half
get a pencil inside, use the pencil to the book on 1st room to reveal 4 letters : CPTV


get a golf culb on left side
tap the right cabinet and to get the fire extinguisher you need to change the dots into :
x x o – x x o
x o x – x o x
o x x – o x x
go to 2nd room and use the fire extinguisher on the fireplace, get the key with golf club
tap the left cabinet and use the key to open the box, get the 2nd gear

go to the door and tap the right panel
place both gear and enter CPTV to the screen, then the door will open

escape the room zombies nivel 7 video cheats guide :


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