Escape The Tomb of The Past Level 5 Walkthrough

Cheat for Escape The Tomb of The Past Level 5 Walkthrough how to solve all the challenging puzzle niveau with Egypt Escape : past secrets theme ! The Escape Pharaom goal is to open each door solving different puzzles, you’ll find objects which will help you open new puzzles until you open the exit door.
Escape: The Tomb of the Past by mannyappsny on android


Step by step video cheats guide how to pass Escape: The Tomb of The Past Level 5 :

Escape The Tomb of The Past Level 5 Walkthrough
* tap the pharaoh button to see the item 1st, and tap it again to get the item
look at the left board for clue of 4 picture that you need to get for dark and light color
tap the right door and rotate the arrow so it point to the correct picture combination like the clue
you will have the spot of body, find 5 items of armor :
1. body on left side
2. shoes inside left box
3. pants on right side
4. arms on right jar
5. mask on pharaoh button
place all of them on the correct body spot and you will see the clue for door puzzle

tap the door puzzle and move these “abc – 123” buttons :
c 1 2 – c b a – 1 2 3 – c b a – 2 3 – c


the door will open and you can escape ! back to all escape the tomb of the past walkthrough list

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