Escape Through History Level 14 Walkthrough

11th January, 1951 – US, Nevada, Nye County, nuclear weapon testing – Cheat for escape through history level 14 walkthrough
Escape History by Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


escape through history niveau 14 solution
get a knife on table, a part of picture under the cabinet, and inside teapot
tap on the picture on right wall and both parts to complete it
you’ll find a safe box behind it

use the knife on the sofa to get a screwdriver
with the screwdriver open the curtain holder for key
use the key to open cabinet drawer for paper hint
these hints are the clue for the safe code
open the TV for CH 5 and look at the clock time
now combine all the numbers of : TV people 6 clock time
open safe for key to exit from this room


escape through history video cheats guide nivel 14 :

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