Escape Through History Level 4 Walkthrough

15th November, 2095 – Space station ‘TERRA’ – Tips for escape through history level 4 walkthrough
Escape History by Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


escape through history niveau 4 solution
get the ladder on left, drill machine behind the black box
click on sATellitE 54 model and get a yellow battery for the drill machine
combine both items inside inventory
tap the box crate and enter ATE that you get from the capital letters of the model name
obtain a night vision inside

use the drill on the window to unscrew it and open
you’ll see 4 planet with different size
enter these planet size on the computer : 3 2 4 1
it will show you the correct position of 4 screws

place the ladder in front of the spaceship model
click on the vent and enter the screws position to open
use the night vision to see the dark view and get a keycard
open the door with this key

escape through history video cheats guide nivel 4 :


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