Family in Puzzle House Level 3 Walkthrough

Family in Puzzle House Level 3 Walkthrough – Come and play at the adorable puzzle mansion to help the little girl ! let’s look for the keys together by solving the puzzle riddle and escape the room !
прохождение Family in Puzzle House by gameday Inc.


family in puzzle house level 3F walkthrough
get the remote control with no battery on the table
open the closet and get the battery for a remote control
combine the remote control + battery to make the powered up remote control
use the remote control to confirm that the number on the TV screen = 3142
enter code 3142 on the box on floor and get the key
use the key to open the door and escape to floor 4

step by step family in puzzle house stage 3 video guide


New escape game ‘Family in puzzle house’ launched. A casual escape game that’s perfect for everyone! Come and play at the adorable Family in puzzle house!
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