High School Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Cheats for High School Escape Level 2 Walkthrough – play as student to escape the locked campus by solving puzzle logic on every level ! Are you ready to escape through campus, trophy room, chemistry class and many others ?
прохождение High School Escape by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


High School Escape Level 2 Walkthrough :
get a screwdriver on top of cd player near TV
tap the picture on table and use the screwdriver the back side and get the battery
take another battery from right picture
tap the gamepad on right sofa and insert the batteries

look at left clock, there’s a clue on red sticker for time
change the clock’s time into 20:30
get CD inside shelf and insert it into the CD player near TV
tap the button on gamepad and look at TV
play tic tac toe and win it and get code 7429
enter the numbers on keypad and door will open


solution of high school escape level 2 video cheats guide :

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