Hollywood Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

Guide for Hollywood Escape Level 9 Walkthrough how to pass the holywood room – collect and combine items, solve puzzle codes to escape the room with key and move to next stage !
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hollywood escape niveau 9 solution
get the cowboy toy on sofa behind the white box
look at the board and find the value of O
2 + O = 6 – O
the answer is 3 and 1
enter the code to the right box : 2361
get another toy

look at the board and remember the pattern on top right :
| – |
– | –

tap the cabinet next to the door then change the handle pattern
get a remote inside the drawer
look at the left self then put 2 toys on the missing spot
there’s a clue on window : SPK
enter these code to the box on sofa to get a plane part

tap the brown sofa and get a paper and battery under the cushion
put the paper to the missing spot on left
now make a vertical white line and get a plane part

combine the battery with remote
look at the train toy and use the remote on it to get a chess piece
put the knight piece on the chess board
then move it in L movement from bottom right to the top left
get another plane part

connect all plane part to the plane on right and get key to open door
proceed to stage 10

hollywood escape nivel 9 video cheats guide :


Welcome to Hollywood! As in the other games from the creators of Can You Escape series your goal is to break out from different rooms.
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