House of Horrors Walkthrough

Scary room escape game by dim_ok on android, where you will facing zombie and escape the castle. Use house of horrors walkthrough to find your way out when you’re stuck and can’t get out of the door.
You’ll be playing s Oleg, and here’s the story :
And why i decided to collect these mushrooms in the forest ! now i’m lost ! i was lucky to see the house ! it will have to spend the night, and tomorrow go in search of his vehicle and be able to return to his home !


video guide for house of horrors cheats :

read all the answers step by step how to solve the puzzle and escape the door from zombie in house of horrors solution :
click the house and go inside the right door
tap the skull on the shelf to make it drop and break, you can pick up the key and go to left door

pick up the crowbar on the cabinet
look at the table on right room for hint : 573
use the crowbar to open the left door

on the hallway, click on the left door
get the green bottle on shelf then go out
press the door, you will use the green bottle to open door

you will see a dead body, try to click it to see a small monster
you can press it to kill with crowbar

go to left door and tap the bathtub
pick up the key and get out

click the other room with kitchen inside, press the microwave to make a green light
then go to left door

you will meet a man, and a zombie will kill him
tap the zombie with crowbar

go to the first right door and open the cabinet
a zombie will shit out >.< hit it with crowbar remember the number : 462 on cabinet now go outside and go to the left, press the first door on left you must enter password : 462 press the box to see another number : 666 click the left door to exit tap the right door and enter 573 to open go upstairs, you will see a girl with chain ball click it and enter 666 to release her house-of-horrors-solutions
a zombie will come out, hit him 2x to kill


the girl is hungry, click on the left door and get a bread for her
go out to the right, there’s a fence with zombie
kill him to see michael, he will tell you about portal
exit and go forward then run from the zombie ! you can’t kill him
go to the right once, and click the door on right repeatedly until it open
there will be a green portal to exit 😀

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