Kami 2 Page 12 Level 71 Walkthrough

Game solution of Kami 2 Page 12 Level 71 Walkthrough – Guide how to fill the screen with one color in 5 moves for kami 2 level 71 ! you can see the moves requirement for each puzzle before you enter it, can you perfect every kami 2 puzzle ? Build and share puzzles, explore user made puzzles and solve kami 2 daily challenge every day !
KAMI 2 Journey Pack Game By State of Play Games on iOS iphone / ipad and android


KAMI 2 Journey Page 12 Level 71 solutions :

Kami 2 Page 12 Level 71 5 Moves Walkthrough :
moves 1 : yellow on middle blue
moves 2 : red on yellow
moves 3 : yellow on red
moves 4 5 : blue on yellow and red


Solve every day Kami 2 Daily Challenge and earn a winning streak then you can compare your scores to other players. If we stuck on some of the puzzle or the moves requirements changed, please share with us 🙂

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