Paranormal Escape 2 Walkthrough

Solution for Paranormal Escape 2 Walkthrough ! as a paranormal agent you need to escape the house, your first clue is to collect 6 parts of mirrors then find items and keys to unlock door and code in this house !
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step by step paranormal escape 2 video guide


Paranormal Escape 2 Cheats :
tap table and get fish bowl + 1st mirror piece
go to right
take key + 2nd mirror piece on table
pick up key on the left clock
tap the box on kitchen for 3rd mirror piece

go to right and open door, go inside
get 4th mirror piece on left pipe
go out and tap the box on floor to pick up shears

go upstairs and use key from table to open box on corner
obtain a flashlight, back to kitchen and use the flashlight to get a crowbar
use crowbar to open door wood planks
go out and use shears to cut the plant for 5th mirror piece

back to the house and go upstairs
move to the toilet and tap on the washbin for 6th mirror piece
place all the mirror piece to the frame on wall for clue : 4354

go down and move to the right
use key to open the lock on right and enter 4354 to open the safe
pick up paper with numbers 5512265
move to right and dial the phone numbers
you will get another code : 9154
use this number to open box under the stairs for valve

go to the room under stairs and connect the valve to left pipe
after the water gone, use crowbar to break the wood box on floor for chains
go outside and use the chain on the well
move down and use the flashlight
use crowbar on the skull mouth for magnet then use it on the right box
obtain wire + red diamond inside
combine wire + magnet and go back to the room under stairs

use magnet to the sewer on floor for handle
back to the toilet upstairs and connect the handle to the barrel
get key inside the barrel
go out and use the key to open the next room
go inside and look at the numbers next to the tiger : 451 1
use this number to open box on kitchen
obtain time clue + plunger inside + mirror

tap on left clock and set time into 10:25 to get blue diamond
use plunger on the toilet, tap the button and place the fish bowl on it
go to the next room

use the red + blue diamond on the tiger’s eyes
get a dog tag
open fireplace and use the fishbowl to put out the fire
pick up the clip

place the tag to the jar on table and get it using clip
you will find code : 2203
tap the wall under bookshelf and place the mirror on right side
enter the numbers on safe
take the key inside
go downstairs and use the key to open door !


that’s all the complete paranormal escape 2 walkthrough 🙂

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