Santa Vs Zombies 2 Walkthrough

Guide for Santa Vs Zombies 2 Walkthrough – Santa Claus is back in town! Take on the role of Santa Claus and face off against the zombie apocalypse.
new room escape zombie game “Santa vs. Zombies 2” by Amphibius Developers on android device
you have 2 santa’s christmas morning checklist :
– clear the house of all zombies
– decorate the christmas tree


Santa Vs Zombies 2 Solutions :
get the bucket from snowman
go to left and find :
– glass breaker tool
– axe on tree stump and codes : 41314
– 1st glass shard on right window

now go to the right use the axe to kill the zombie
get the axe back and key next to the head

back to the house and use key to open the door
go inside and take key from right hanger
go out and use key to open the electrical panel
use the glass breaker on it and connect the lines to get all lamps turned green
close the window (pressing x) and tap the button to turn on the lamp green

go inside the house and use the axe to kill girl zombie
tap the fireplace and get 2nd glass shard
look at the christmas calendar on floor and match the picture to get the key
here’s the cheats :
a b c d e f
g h f i g x
j i k e c a
d b x j h k
go to right room and get the arrow on cabinet


get out from the house and go to the right cabin
use the key to open the lock
use the code from tree stump to open the drawer : 41314 to get a crossbow and combine with the arrow by dragging it on inventory
get ladder on left and 3rd glass shard on left table
take a 1st gift boxes, keybox and faucet handle on the middle table

back to the house
use the keybox to get spoon from box on mirror table on left
prepare your crossbow to kill the zombie on left room and go inside the kitchen
connect the handle to the left faucet, put the bucket on the washbin and tap the faucet to fill the bucket with water
take the bucket
open the fridge and use the glass breaker tool to break the ice for peeling tool
get the bread on right table

go out the house
use the water on the snowman and put the bread, go back and you will see bird flying
get the key from snowman
you can open the house room right side with this key

use the spoon to open fireplace inside house then use the peeling tool on fireplace wall to reveal codes : 83324
go back to kitchen and open blue box using this code for flashlight
get the meat from fridge, go out and give it to the dog
use the ladder to climb up on the left side
get 4th glass shard from the basket and 2nd gift boxes under chair
take shuriken stars from top side

go back to the house and kill the zombie with the stars
get the glass shard near left bear and 3rd gift boxes on window

stuck… i don’t know what to do next, can anyone help ?


continue soon

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11 thoughts on “Santa Vs Zombies 2 Walkthrough

  1. Marco Guerrero

    inside the second box in the kitchen is a ginger cookie give it to the gnome in the mirror and take the items in the box, also near the gnome is a birds cage, use it to trap the rat

  2. Maura

    There’s a box near the mirror on the right side use the the dwarf doll that the gnome has given to u and it opens u get a key and a box. On the table in the gnomes room there’s a square quarter put it in the gumball machine and u receive a different coin w/ a sun on it.

  3. Maura

    There’s a box in the corner of the room on the left side use the key on that, it will give u a chainsaw.
    After the gate is open dig a path to the zombie with the shovel and use the chainsaw on the zombie.
    Cut down the tree then go to the rock where the bike is use the scrapper and remove the moss, it will give you a puzzle.
    Add the cube (the one with the face) to the box and organize it to form a picture.
    Go back to the house click on the right arrow there is a stand by the cabinet, place the tree there and add the ribbons and present to complete the game.


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