Survivor Zombie Outbreak Walkthrough

Solutions of Survivor Zombie Outbreak Walkthrough guide to solve the puzzle, find and combine items to get more guns to kill the zombines inside the abandoned house in the middle of the forest.
Survivor: Zombie Outbreak by Amphibius Developers


so far we’re stuck with the coffin, because there’s no way to kill the zombie.. unless it’s the bad ending ?
full survivor: zombie outbreak solution cheats :

here are some hints on facebook on the parts that you might get stuck on :
Kill the zombie on 2nd floor with hammer
Find the computer code for city and zip code on mailbox

To complete the butterfly for crowbar you can find :
2nd butterfly on the bed
3rd butterfly on bathroom by breaking the mirror using hammer

Use wire + magnet to get the key under the carpet to open bathroom

To kill zombies inside bathroom :
Go upstairs behind the zombie you killed in the hallway. Tap the white closet doors. Once you tap the pumpkins in the correct order with hammer, you’ll get a gun

Try and remember what order each pumpkin smashes. If correct, the pumpkins will stay smashed until you hit one in the wrong order. Start with the middle pumpkin second row, than hit the first one first row, than 2nd in 2nd row, then first flat bottomed last row.

The crayon code is available to complete once you have the ladder, use the ladder on tree near graveyard and pick up the missing crayons. The number that you get from crayons are the code for cabinet to get 2 items : crowbar and shotgun

To open the lock on ceiling you will need to light the wood on kitchen stove.
The saw can be found under the stairs, use the crowbar to break the wood wall. Once you get the saw take the ladder outside in the graveyard, set the ladder against the tree. Go up the tree, and use the saw to cut a branch. Combine the branch with the cloth this can be used in the fireplace. Then you will be able to light the burner in the kitchen.


just ask if you stuck on some parts that are not mentioned above

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