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Can You Escape Horror Level 3 Walkthrough

Solutions for can you escape horror level 3 walkthrough – How to solve the puzzle logic on horror room theme using some hidden objects, and discover different codes so you can find out the key to escape for next stage.
Can You Escape Horror by TMTMOBIL on iphone / android device

can you escape horror niveau 3 solution
get a rope on chair
use the rope on the curtain and open it to get a handle
place the handle on the cabinet to open and reveal paper code
pick it up and combine it with the picture next to the door
tap the elm street box on right and enter the code : 901741

find some number of shape on this room and match it with the code color :
green square = 1
blue triangle = 9
red circle = 1
yellow pentagon = 7

enter these code number on the cabinet drawer :
9 1 1 7
remember the circle color :
w b w b b

click on the painting with 5 black dots and change it like the hint to get a key
use the key to unlock the door and escape

can you escape horror nivel 3 video guide :

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