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Can You Escape 2 Level 2 Walkthrough

Solutions for can you escape 2 level 2 walkthrough – How to solve the puzzle logic by using items, numbers and symbols all around the room to pass for the next floor.
Can You Escape 2 by MobiGrow on iphone / android device

can you escape 2 niveau 2 solution
click on the small stairs on the left and get a crowbar
tap the left wall to the shelf and remove the plank using the crowbar
open the hatch and obtain a bottle opener

tap on the left table and use the bottle opener to open the green bottle, get a paper
press on the alphabet on the shelf and cover it with the paper, you’ll find 3 letters available as hint
now for the second clue is on the police car number
use the these numbers and letters as code to enter the left panel so the door open

can you escape 2 nivel 2 video guide :

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