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Horror Escape Walkthrough

Guide for Horror Escape Walkthrough how to pass each horror themed room by collect and combine items, solve puzzles and crack hint codes to escape the horror room and reach new stage !
horror escape by Trapped / Goblin LLC / Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device

You will see a man that will guide you :
Oh nice, another fly in my net ! I am Dr. Robert Vonbraun and i want to play a game wih you. Here’s what happens if you lose.. You’ll stay here forever !
I’m sure there is no chance you could escape, so i might even help you out in this first room.

horror escape niveau 1 solution
check out the wall in front, there’s X mark
tap the bed and get a small safe box under bed, you need the code
there is a chance that the front wall might hold the answer to this secret
look at the bold black number on wall : 2 5 1 4
get a knife and use it to the X mark on wall
as you can see, this wall holds a secret, try to find a place that might give you a hint to solve it
look at the left wall with black spot :
o x o
o o x
o o x
x x x
tap the wall tile with x mark and get a saw
use the saw to the handcuff on bed, get the key and use it to open the vent and escape to level 2

horror escape nivel 1 video cheats guide

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