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Mysterious Castle Walkthrough

Mysterious Castle Walkthrough – I am the monk and i have a mystery to reveal. This breathtaking 3d world with a realtime 3d navigation will be your goal. Mind-boggling visuals will keep you engaged for hours. Everything you see has a story and a reason behind ! Keep your speakers on to have an ultimate gaming experience of an old castle.
Mysterious Castle – 3D Puzzle by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. on android and iphone

mysterious castle nivel 1 solution
let’s get started ! the right door is locked, find its key to open door.
get a hammer head above the left clock then move the pillow to get a stick
combine the hammer and break the pot on left shelf
look at th scroll with code : 2379
use the numbers to open the treasure chest on floor for a key and first piece of skull
select the key and use it to open the door and move on to stage 2

find all the pieces of the skull ! the skull is the key

Mysterious Castle is an engaging piece of entertainment that is quite hard to put down. The mystery/puzzle conquest is nicely built within the entire plot and backed by an awesome gameplay experience. The game is consisted of 10 interesting levels with increasing difficulty as the user goes up. With some breathtaking UI and sound effects, Mysterious Castle is worth playing.

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