That Level Again 3 Walkthrough All Levels

Guide for That Level Again 3 Walkthrough All Levels how to pass every level that you stuck – Can you help the boy escape and meet the girl of his dreams ? there are story, levels and secret sad end game that you can choose after you complete each stage one by one. TLA and TLA2 continued with a lot of logic brain teasers and interesting solutions to solve answers.
прохождение That Level Again 3 by Nurkhametov Tagir / IamTagir on iphone and android


solution of that level again 3 story walkthrough video cheats guide :

That Level Again 3 Story Walkthrough
Level 1 : Let’s start the game
Level 2 : Good, but we need to change the background
Level 3 : Here’s The Button
Level 4 : Somewhere I’ve seen something simular
Level 5 : Here’s The Key
Level 6 : Its All in Your Hands
Level 7 : How do you press it
Level 8 : Too dark can you make it brighter
Level 9 : Take this super key
Level 10 : Lets see how you’ll handle this
Level 11 : Throw it away
Level 12 : The Door is not open
Level 13 : You shall not pass
Level 14 : You wont break through
Level 15 : A little bit further
Level 16 : Double Jump
Level 17 : Get warm
Level 18 : Hide the game
Level 19 : Now think for yourself
Level 20 : Come at night
Level 21 : RIP 2016
Level 22 : I’ve always been alone but then I met her
Level 23 : We’ve become a very good team
Level 24 : I was ready to do everything for her
Level 25 : I share everything with her
Level 26 : Word were helping to become closer
Level 27 : There’s always a way to her
Level 28 : We supplemented each other
Level 29 : Did I betray her
Level 30 : Now I’m making my way alone
Level 31 : I’ve changed my point of view
Level 32 : I don’t want to do anything
Level 33 : I’m doing all I can but I stay still
Level 34 : I destroyed everything that was moving me
Level 35 : Let other forces to control me. I’ll remember it
you need to repeat the game and this time go to the right with key, and when you get to the final button
Level 36 : I hope you remember
Level 37 : I’ve describing the solution

solution of that level again 3 levels walkthrough video cheats guide

That Level Again 3 Levels Walkthrough
Level 1 : Hello
Level 2 : The obstacle
Level 3 : Believe in yourself
Level 4 : IQ Test
Level 5 : Find all the flowers
Level 6 : The Box
Level 7 : IQ Test 2
Level 8 : Another way
Ending : I won’t let her vanish


solution of that level again 3 sad end walkthrough video cheats guide

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