Troll Face Quest TV Shows Level 35 Walkthrough

Troll Face Quest TV Shows Level 35 Walkthrough solution how to solve troll tv show stage 35 and escape to next level ! there are some tricky challenges and jokes that can make you stuck if you can’t think outside the box on every puzzle challenge, so find cheats of troll face quest tv shows all levels to know where and when you need to click the object 🙂
Troll Face Quest TV Shows by Spil Games on iphone and android


troll face quest tv shows level 35 walkthrough
tap and hold the motor so it will start then flip upside down
using 2 fingers, pinch in the motor to see a dog face
it’s adventure time ! tap the screen to finish the game


The ultimate pranking game is back with a new victim of choice: TV shows! Troll your way around this wacky world and become King of the trolling world! Sherlock the crap out of head-scratching puzzles and prank your favorite TV characters! don’t forget to find sword and zombie head that hidden on some level to unlock more levels !

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