You Must Escape 2 Level 6 Walkthrough

Clue for You Must Escape 2 Level 6 Walkthrough how to collect and combine items, solve puzzle and find codes so you can escape the room with keycard and reach new door stage niveau
You Must Escape 2 room escape game by Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on android and iphone


you must escape 2 stage 6 solution :
pick up these items :
– cord extension under the left sofa
– batteries on left plant
– CD on the table

place the batteries to the clock on the TV table on right side, the time showing 03:58
connect the cord extension to the left CD player cable
insert the CD to the left CD player, then you can enter the code
input the time number 0358 and get the key
use the key to open the left drawer of TV table and obtain an eraser
tap the paper on table then use the eraser to clean the paper and reveal code : 69715
tap the right wall and enter the numbers to the safe box
get the keycard and unlock the door open to escape for level 7

you must escape 2 nivel 6 step by step video cheat :

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