Zombie Outbreak Walkthrough

Solution of Zombie Outbreak Walkthrough guide to solve the puzzle, find and combine items to get weapons to kill the zombies inside the abandoned house in the middle of the forest. Get ready for halloween 2014 and play this game !
Zombie Outbreak by Amphibius Developers


Zombie Outbreak Video Cheat Guide :

Zombie Outbreak Walkthrough
get key on the ground from the car light and use it to open the house
go to right room and move to the kitchen sink for a black chess piece
back to the living room and look at the chessboard on the table
put the black piece to get a screwdriver
get the pliers and bullet from cabinet

go to kitchen and open the freezer, use screwdriver to get the hammer from the ice
go out to the 1st room and move upstairs
use the hammer to hit the zombie and kill it
pick up key and paper from the zombie
open the left cabinet and get a gun, combine bullet with gun

back to the chess table downstairs 2nd room and look at the phone
dial the number from paper : 7192370555 and get a key

go outside the house and look at the mailbox on left next to the door
use the key to open it for mail

go back inside and go upstairs
open the right door using key and look at the computer to enter :
city : orlando
zip : 32833
you will see pass : 0213

find butterfly on the bed and get a magnet on the table lamp
back to the kitchen downstairs and use the pliers to the wire on wall near sink then combine it with magnet
go to 1st room and move the carpet right side
use the magnet to get the key
use this key to open the bathroom door under the stairs
prepare your gun and use it to kill the zombie inside

look at the suitcase and open it using code : 0213
get 2 guns inside
use the hammer to break the bathroom mirror and get 2nd butterfly

go upstairs and look at the board with butterfly on right wall
put 2 missing butterfly on the board so you can move it to get a cane stick
back to bathroom and use the stick on bathtub and get key
use this key to open the right door on living room
prepare your gun and kill 4 zombies
get a jar on the ground

fill this jar with water from kitchen sink then back to cemetery and pour the water on ground
pick up the flowers

back to the house, go to right room on upstairs and put the flower on vase next to the table lamp, get key
go to backyard and open the cabin house using this key
prepare your gun to kill the zombie dog
get the wood logs and ladder
look at the table and obtain some bullets and matches

go out and place the ladder near tree
tap the treehouse and get some pencils
get the ladder back to inventory

go to living room and put all the wood logs on fireplace the light a fire using matches
fill the jar with water again from kitchen sink and pour it to the fireplace
you’ll find a code : 5409

use the numbers to open kitchen oven for matches
put wood logs inside the oven and light a fire using matches
look on the frying pan above oven, you will see numbers : 955
get the towel on the hanger
go to room upstairs and put the pencils on floor to complete the numbers : 89432
use this code to open the cabinet next to fireplace so you can get a shotgun and crowbar

use the cowbar to open planks under stairs
get a saw inside toolbox
use this saw to cut tree stick on treehouse
combine stick + towel then use it on the oven to get fire so you make a torch

go upstairs
put the ladder on middle so you can reach the ceiling
enter 955 to open the lock
prepare your torch to light the dark room and use your gun to kill the zombie
get shovel and axe on floor
go back and get the ladder back

go to backyard and dig the graveyard
use the crowbar to knock the casket and prepare your axe to kill the zombie


Well done ! you have made it out safely, but it’s not over yet.
Zombies roam the land and continue their bloody rampage.. be careful out there !

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