Zombies On A Plane Part 2 Walkthrough

Cheats for Zombies On A Plane Part 2 Walkthrough – Find your way out from the plane that full of zombies, there are 4 parts of stage to complete. Find items, codes, keys and weapon to solve puzzle + kill zombie on the plane !
Zombies On A Plane by Amphibius Developers on android device


Zombies On A Plane Solutions :
tap left side to get pliers on seat
tap right side and close the window to see code : 1094
enter the code to right box to get a knife
use the knife to cut the front right seat open, cut the spring with the pliers and get a cigarette
close the window and use cigarette on it for hint position :
o o x
x o o
o x o
tap the top right button and change the slider like the clue to get key
use key to open left cabin for book with another slider clue and numbers 0336
x o x x x x
x x x x x x
x x o x x o
x x x o x x
o x x x o x
use these slider hint to open right cabin for a gun


use the knife to cut left seatbelt and open left box with code for magnet and combine with seat belt
use the knife to cut the middle floor for caution sign, add spring to open the hatch
use the seatbelt magnet to get the bullets
combine both gun + bullets and move the middle curtain to kill the zombie with your gun
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