Zombies On A Plane Part 3 Walkthrough

Answers for Zombies On A Plane Part 3 Walkthrough – Find your way out from the plane that full of zombies, there are 4 parts of stage to complete. Find items, codes, keys and weapon to solve puzzle + kill zombie on the plane !
Zombies On A Plane by Amphibius Developers on android device


Zombies On A Plane Solutions :
get the axe on right, then tap left zombie to kill with axe
pick up cable connector, paper and keycard on left side
get a cup on right

tap the middle door and look at the left panel for code : 220391
get the tape on right window photo
connect the connector to the right laptop
enter username like the paper hint : AIRPLANE and password number 220391
you will see code 5591
enter the number to the left box and get matches + screwdriver

use screwdriver to open the warning panel and use the tape on it
use match to light the room and kill the zombie with screwdriver
tap the middle switch to turn on the lights
now get the axe from left zombie, go to the toilet and kill the zombie girl
look at the number on the body : 4522
enter this code to open box on right seat and get a handle

back to the toilet and connect the handle to the faucet
put the cup under faucet and tap the handle to get water
pick up the cup and use it on the coffee machine
put the cup on the coffee machine and get the cup


go to the toilet and pour the cup to the sink and look at the numbers on mirror :
use keycard to the right keypad and enter the code
tap the door and continue to part 4 or back to the complete Zombies On A Plane Walkthrough list

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