Zombies On A Plane Part 4 Walkthrough

Solutions for Zombies On A Plane Part 4 Walkthrough – Find your way out from the plane that full of zombies, there are 4 parts of stage to complete. Find items, codes, keys and weapon to solve puzzle + kill zombie on the plane !
Zombies On A Plane by Amphibius Developers on android device


Zombies On A Plane Solutions :
tap bottom left side to get a spoon, use it to open the right locker door for knife
tap the right front seat to get key from man’s necklace
use the knife to kill the zombie
tap the front box to play frog puzzle, you need to move green frog to right and red frog to left
get a screwdriver and paper
look on left front side to get a ruler

use screwdriver to open electric panel on left side and get batteries
place the batteries to the left radio and move the slider like paper clue :
80 – 20 – 100 – 40 – 60
you will see codes : 485621
enter this numbers to open safe box on right side
get a map and statue inside
place the statue on left side, then order the statue height from big to small and get the headphone + key
use the key to open the left globe for compass

tap the front right where you can see the dead zombie
place map, ruler, compass to get paper code : 7854

now tap the front left side to see the 2 monitor and a keyhole
1. enter 7854 on left monitor
2. insert headphone to hole above middle monitor
3. insert key to right keyhole


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