100 Doors Runaway Level 31 – 40 Walkthrough

Gipnetix Games tips for floor escape game : 100 doors runaway answers for level 31 – 40 cheats, find the walkthrough to figure out how to solve for each puzzle clue so you can open the door and pass the following level easily
On some stage you must do the action of pinch, poke, shake, tilt, swipe the on-screen images, to find a way to solve the puzzles.


100 Doors Runaway Level 31 to 40 solution :

100 doors runaway level 31 walkthrough
fist of all, turn on the light
take the spray
use spray on the board on 2 places : left and right side
turn off the light to see the code
the code is : 7539, enter it on left wall keypad

100 doors runaway level 32 walkthrough
take the mask to scare the chickens
drag all the pillows in 1 place between the left and middle chicken to avoid the eggs
egg should be broken when it drop, scare the chickens in the right order :
left – middle – right – right
middle – left – left – middle

100 doors runaway level 33 walkthrough
how many yellow X you see ? X =7
Y = X * X so 7 * 7 = 49
X + Y + Z = 100
7 + 49 + Z = 100
Z = 44
the code is : 74944

100 doors runaway level 34 walkthrough
take the bucket, hammer and brush to inventory
use hammer to break the bad parts of the wall (3 square parts)
fill up the bucket by the concrete
use concrete on each hole, then use brush to fix the wall

100 doors runaway level 35 walkthrough
take the red pliers
open the cablebox and use the pliers to cut wires
you should light bulbs in the correct order
1. only red
2. only blue
3. all the lamps

100 doors runaway level 36 walkthrough
press and hold the wheel to move the cone up
take the key but do not release the wheel until you have it

100 doors runaway level 37 walkthrough
slide the wheel to move it on four ways
when the main wheel collides with each wheel it make it spin
each wheel should make the number of circles as number on it
do it in any order

100 doors runaway level 38 walkthrough
count how many bottles – bulbs – door in this room
the code is 999991

100 doors runaway level 39 walkthrough
take the bottle from blue bin
fill it by the water from faucet
freeze it from white box
break it by the rock
repeat these steps 6 times to get the key from the stone


100 doors runaway level 40 walkthrough
make four shapes using the ball + green lines and press the print button after each figure
make it in order :
1. rectangle
2. long triangle
3. diamond
4. short triangle

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