Amazing Breakout Level 7 Walkthrough

Answer for Amazing Breakout Level 7 Walkthrough – Mummies, hieroglyphics, pharaohs, obelisks and many more. Welcome to the world of ancient Egypt. Play as a security guard and escape from the locked museum hall by unlocking every single hall which presents the history of humanity from the darkest times to nowadays. Solve the puzzles, break the codes – and escape! find small moai figures on each stage to unlock secret room !
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amazing breakout level 7 walkthrough
look at the clue on middle wall :
left = coin
right = fire
bottom = water

get a circle on right side
look on left tomb there’s a triangle, pick it up
get a stick from left statue and place the circle on the left small table
stop the symbol like the hint to get cat statue
tap the statue belt for color clue : red yellow green blue

place the triangle on right pyramid and put the cat statue on right side
change the necklace color like the clue
take the key and read paper clue : 3,142
A = yellow
1 = red
D = green
2 = blue

use the key on left tomb and open it with stick
change the pointer on the correct label like clue
get the tablet and put it on middle wall
press these symbols : 3rd 1st 4th 2nd
door will open and you can escape to stage 8


video guide amazing breakout level 7 cheats :

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