Bank Escape Level 15 Walkthrough

Answer for Bank Escape Level 15 Walkthrough how to go inside the bank room and escape with money ! collect and combine items, solve puzzles and crack hint codes to escape each bank room and reach new stage !
Bank Escape by Mobigrow / Goblin LLC / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


bank escape niveau 15 solution
remember the color on the bank sign :
green – red
yellow – blue
tap the button on left side and change the color
get a antenna part
flip the paper :
top right – bottom right – top left – top right – bottom left
there’s a clue : TRUST
get an iron from left box and open it to get a propeller

look at the right side
open the white box above window to get pen

get a cable on the left pillar and combine it with pen
use it on the left box and enter trust
get the remote the use it on the right panel to reveal the number : 503
enter the code to get another propeller

place the antenna part to antenna
use the iron to open the vent with clue YPS and get a hammer
use it to break the right lock and open the box
get a key inside

use the key to the plane
connect 2 propeller on the plane and get a chip
use the chip on the pillar and enter the correct money currency
go back and look at the BANK sign : ICE
enter these code on the right suitcase to get a fueltank
use the tank on the plane and you can escape from the bank with this plane

Great ! We’ve got it ! And just as i promised – you’ll get your 20%. Okay, okay 40% ! But, you can’t get more – don’t forget about the family. Now, fly !

bank escape nivel 15 video cheats guide


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