Detective Story He’s Dead She’s Dead Walkthrough

Cheat for Detective Story He’s Dead She’s Dead Walkthrough – Investigate homicides around the city, feel the thrills of new york ! examine evidence, search for clues and find hidden objects to solve cases so you can arrest the criminals !
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Detective Story Level 5 Solution
count on all light bulbs on the room
yellow = 2
blue = 2
green = 3
red = 4
obtain a flashlight

take the umbrella on middle and paper clip on the girl’s head
use paper clip to open left box for coin
tap air vent on left and use coin to open it
use flashlight to see the dark area
reach the wrench with umbrella

use wrench to open clock on right to get gear
look at left music box on table and insert the gear
play the music box for zipper
connect the zipper to the bag on bed for make up powder
use the powder on right box and tap the buttons with finger prints on it
take a knife and duct tape

tap the rug on close and use knife to cut it open for net
look at the fish tank and use duct tape to connect the cable
use net to reach the key inside fish tank
open left drawer with key and take the cassette

tap right suitcase and insert the cassette to the player
you will see a code on the tunes 4662
use these numbers to open safe box on left wall and you’re done on this stage

Detective Story Level 5 He’s Dead She’s Dead Video Guide Solutions


Join the Police of New York to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating room escape and hidden objects adventure game. Are you ready to prove your detective skills? Then dive into “Detective Story” and become a New York City detective pursuing justice.
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