Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 1 Stage 9 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 1 Stage 9 Walkthrough Tips how to solve the quiz number answer and find the bonus star on D&R 2 Level 9
Doors&Rooms 2 by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms 2 level 1-9 :

doors and rooms 2 1-9 solutions :
the door is behind the forklift boxes, so operate the forklift
get pliers, driver on right and wire on left
combine wire with pliers, to get a peeled wire
use the screwdriver to open the forklift machine, then place the peeled wire on it

check the right box shelf, look at the name tag for each box colors
red box = uniform
yellow box = disk
green box = lenz
blue box = roller

first letters U D L R = up down left right directions
now look the order of the box that moving on the roller : red blue green and yellow
these are the answer to tap the correct direction on forklift : up right left left down
now you can see the door open and escape the room

doors & rooms 2 chapter 1 stage 9 quiz
the question is BAEDC = ?
look on the forklift panel for the answer :
A = 7
B = 1
C = 3
D = 9
E = 5


doors & rooms 2 chapter 1 level 9 bonus star
look on the right shelf, between yellow box on left side there’s a screw
pick it up

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