ESCAPE 130XES Level 51 52 53 54 55 Walkthrough

Solution for ESCAPE 130XES Level 51 52 53 54 55 Walkthrough – Guide to solve and pass every puzzle box ! The only way to escape this place is to unlock the boxes and escape ! Solve various puzzles and tricks from the simplest to the most complex ! Think outside the box !
ESCAPE:130XES By gameday Inc. It’s written as ESCAPE 130XES, but read as ESCAPE BOXES! Unlock the puzzle boxes and escape to pass for next level !


ESCAPE 130XES level 51 walkthrough
count the number of colors ten press the color button
I : red
II : blue
III : purple = red + blue
IV : all colors

ESCAPE 130XES level 52 walkthrough
tap the white button then remember the order of the colors then press the correct color button

ESCAPE 130XES level 53 walkthrough
press the button in one lap = time limit
1st = x5
2nd = x2
3rd = x0
4th = x7

ESCAPE 130XES level 54 walkthrough
rearrange the picture with head to the right and tail to the left

ESCAPE 130XES level 55 walkthrough
make all numbers into 0 by pressing the correct button

You are locked up in a strange place, and in front of you is an odd-looking box. Inside the box, and you might find something that can help you escape. Open it now.
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