Escape Challenge Level 6 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game guide : escape challenge level 6 walkthrough
there are 2 rooms :
left room with chest, TV and table
right room with stone table, wood table and bed
skull and yellow pyramid on right side


escape challenge level 6 solution :
tap the chest box and get a red button on the left side
click the TV, and the box under it where you can see number : 3147
then press the snail, remember the number :
1 = yellow
2,3 = orange
4 = red
5 = pink
6 = purple
7,8 = blue
9,10 = green

click the table, and press behind the printer to get a key
back to the TV then use the key to open the drawer to get a pin and TV remote
turn on the TV with the remote and remember the screen :
“program is paused until : 9:3:12”

go to right room
press the wood table and you can see 4 white button that you can change
change them into 3147, use the number on the snail for the color :
orange – yellow – red – blue
open the drawer and get a jewel

back to left room and click the snail, there’s a wall with a “key hole”
use the jewel as the key to open and get a blue button
back to right room and look on the silver table
put the blue and red button then the red pin
use the TV clock to change the “clock’s hand” : 9 – 3 – 12
back and open the table, you will get a key


use the key to open the treasure chest box on left room
obtain the red key then open the door

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