Escape Challenge Level 7 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game cheat : escape challenge level 7 walkthrough
a single room with item that you can press :
table drawer on left
ventilation hole and a table drawer on the door wall
lamp table and a sofa on right


escape challenge level 7 solution :
tap the right table lamp and get a silver handle
click the picture on the wall and remember the yellow position
tap the floor under the sofa, now change the brown circle like yellow position on the painting
get the second silver handle


click the ventilation hole
put both handle on the spot and open the vent hole to get a screwdriver
use the screwdriver to open the top table drawer and get a yellow key
use the key to open the left table drawer
DD x C with 3 ***
it’s not a roman numbers because you only have 3 digits
so translate them into alphabet order, letters = numbers
D = 4
C = 3
so 44 x 3 = 132
open the safe and get a blue key
open the door with this key

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