Escape City Level 4 Walkthrough

Answers for Escape City Level 4 Walkthrough – Damn… We’re late. Let’s search for clues, maybe we’ll find something. Escape City Solutions to play as a rookie cop and stop the ruthless criminal gang on escape city by solving puzzle code on each stage ! Find all joker card on each room, if you collect every joker card you will have access to the secret room.
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Escape City Level 4 Cheats
tap left curtain to get glass and cup
tap the middle table to move the controller for 2nd cup
look on the right glass cup box and place the missing cups for a keycard
find some bottle color from the picture frame from left to right and memorize the shape
tap right bar and change the bottle color into :
green – red – blue – yellow
tap the ball on celing and put on the missing glass then connect the colors on each side
read the numbers on blue curtain : 1928
use keycard to open right door and enter the codes
after the door open you can escape to stage 5


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