Escape Game Geisha Walkthrough

Escape Game Geisha Walkthrough Guide to answer the puzzle code for the clue of next hint and get the key for the door
geisha by WaveA PTE.LTD.


cheat solution :
get a panel from the top of the cushion
click the bottom part of the kimono, there’s a box
slide the hatch to the right and place the panel on the middle after you solve the puzzle
get a hairpin from the box, zoom in the hairpin top side and get the screw

look at the package on left side, get the string
combine the string with screw

click on the notepad near the window, tap the pen to see some square note
press the calculator and use the string on the left side
press the number and it will display 1 2 3 4 ?
enter 5 and get a bracket inside the calculator

look at the door on right side, slide to open
on the hallway, click on top of the wall
open the switchboard panel using the bracket
click on the left switch button so the light turned on

open the door on the right room and go inside
tap the left cabinet and get the screwdriver
open the right drawer to get a red dice

go to the right side and get a blue dice right on floor to the cabinet
use the screwdriver on each dice, then switch the color for each screw
open the 2nd drawer from bottom and get a green belt

look on the left side, place the green belt next to the red one
you will see an image of scale with 2 dice

click on the scale and put the red dice on left and blue on right to balance, then press the star button
go back and you will see some colorful glass shape
press the black triangle on middle top to turn it into grey color, then continue to press the parts around it until you make a star
get a key inside

go to out from this room to the hallway and look the opposite side
use the key to open the wooden door

look under the wooden floor, and get a pair of sandals
click the ground on red umbrella to get a nail
go to the left and get hammer behind the plant

click the sandals and flip it backwards
use nail and hammer on it, get a paper clue
these are the position of your next hint


press on the wood floor before the stairs
now you need to figure out the numbers from each dots :
1st, 2+1+0 = 3
2nd, 3+2+3 = 8
3rd, 2+3+8 = 13, remove the 10 = 3
4th, 2+4+3 = 9
so the answer is 3839
get the key and open the door to escape

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