Escape the Room Zombies Level 2 Walkthrough

Solution for Escape the Room Zombies Level 2 Walkthrough to help you solve the horror room theme and find your way out by entering some code numbers to get item tools that you can use to escape this niveau.
Escape the Room Zombies by Pedro Chang on android and iphone device


escape the room zombies level 2
look at the glasses on left table, and remember the water height : 0 – 2 – 1 – 2
use these as clue to change the heights of 4 blocks on the right table, and get the machete
tap the left box and solve the biohazard puzzle picture, get a magnifying glass, use it on the left papers on wall to reveal numbers : 9361
use the numbers as password code to open the left box on shelf and get a paper with words “OPEN”
open the top right cabinet and get a hammer


use the paper on the right fridge where there are some other papers stuck on, place it on middle spot on the papers open the door
open the freezer and use the hammer to break the ice and grab the keys
when you want to use the key to the keyhole, a zombie arm will appear
use the machete to cut the zombie arm and insert the key and unlock the door open to escape from this room


escape the room zombies nivel 2 video cheats guide :

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