Five Nights in Prison Level 8 Walkthrough

Answer for Five Nights in Prison Level 8 Walkthrough – Test your skills for puzzle solving and logical thinking to crack the code on each stage room so you can find your way out through all prison stage !
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five nights in prison niveau 8 solution :
tap the table to get 2 rubber band :
red from phone
green from typewriter
look on right paper and get blue rubberband
now connect all 3 rubber band on the pins to see the cross point on the map
green 1E
blue 3D
red 2B

back to the table and tap the 3 chess pieces
change the color and put it on the correct spot
get the screwdriver and use it to open the phone for key
look at the typewriter and memorize for the missing numbers 2 6 8

use key to open left cabinet and enter the code to open safe box
obtain key inside and use it to open handcuffs at the bottom for a new key
reveal 3 numbers behind the books on middle shelf 6 3 9
use key on left door and enter the numbers to get green light
door will open and you can escape to stage 9


five nights in prison nivel 8 video guide :

There’s a block riot so the guards are busy, now is the time to escape the prison !
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