Five Nights in Prison Level 9 Walkthrough

Cheats for Five Nights in Prison Level 9 Walkthrough – Test your skills for puzzle solving and logical thinking to crack the code on each stage room so you can find your way out through all prison stage !
прохождение Five Nights in Prison by Mescape on iphone and android


five nights in prison niveau 9 solution :
get wire and plank under the left chair
tap the table to get lighter and radio, you will see clue __9
tap left table and use the plank to fix the table, you will see another number _8_
look on top left vent and use the lighter to see the last hint : 5__
combine the codes to get code : 589
use these numbers to open the briefcase near right table
get key and use it to open the table drawer
find the codes from left chair, get the first letters on each word : MMSNO
enter code to get knife from drawer

place the radio on left table and add the knife to get the wire
connect the wires from inventory then connect it to the lamp on right table
take the hammer on left tool board and use it to break the crack on wall for your way out
escape to stage 10


five nights in prison nivel 9 video guide :

There’s a block riot so the guards are busy, now is the time to escape the prison !
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